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If a taxi is damaged during hire, the person driving the car during the damage is liable for all the charges regardless of whether the damage was their fault or not. As a result it is advisable to insure the car before getting it on the road. This is done through hire insurance. There are two main types of insurance public hire insurance and private hire insurance both of these are quite different to each other and motor trade insurance uk. Getting the right private insurance for a private hire taxi is essential .

Extra information about motor trade insurance uk

When looking for a private hire insurance online it is essential that one knows exactly what one is looking for. This is due to the vast covers that one can get from the private hire insurances. Considering private hire insurance online quotes can help in the decision making. The reason why the insurance is so important is that not only is it required by law but it is also not possible to run a business without it. The dangers that taxi drivers face each day in their work are not ones that can be ignored. Not only do taxi drivers have to worry about other road users and dangers that they pose but also the risks that come from passengers too. A good private hire insurance policy will provide cover for all the risks that a taxi driver will face.


The cost of a private hire policy depends on different factors. This includes age of the driver, driving experience, value of the vehicle and its current condition. The number of vehicles being insured also determines the cost. Often private hire operators will get all their vehicles insured under the same policy to save money and make paper work easier.


Comprehensive cover which covers one in all scenarios when there is an accident.

Third party only covers which is the lowest level of cover one can get and still be in accordance with law. It is cheaper than comprehensive insurance but only adequate when one spends so much time on the road.

Breakdown assistance cover which is considered the most effective for taxi drivers .In case of a breakdown one would want to rest assured that they will be back on the road again as quickly as possible.

fleet insurance cover which is used by people owning a fleet of private hire taxis. If you own a fleet of private hire taxis it makes sense to insure them under one policy. This not only makes things easier if you need to make a claim but also saves money.

Public liability cover, which is also quite essential. If you are a taxi driver, there is a possibility that a member of public or passenger could make a claim against you, this could be difficult to cater for if you do not have this cover.

Common quotes in private hire insurances include cheaper private hire cover, complete claims management services, flexible payment options,24 hour claims helpline, all posts codes covered, immediate cover and legal expenses among others.